Browsing with computers running Linux: Resolved!

If you have a computer running Linux and you are facing problems surfing LinkedIn , or you are using the unlucky combination of:

  1. Dlink ADSL Router OR
  2. Dlink ADSL Router and Wireless Access Point AND
  3. Computer Running Linux

You may be unable to surf LinkedIn and there is already a bug tracking on launchpad referencing this problem « Bug 314713 ». All what you need to do to solve this problem is to change your Network Card MTU value, the value that I tried and works is 1360. Necessary command to change MTU of Network interface on linux is:

sudo ifconfig eth<card_number> mtu 1360

Hope that help and happy Surfing

I just read the rc.inet1.conf man page and it’s written

The default MTU is 1500, but you might need 1360 when you use NAT’ed IPSec traffic.

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